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Bargain Gear Thread


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I did this on Modsquad, and hope we can keep this tradition on here. As long as this doesn't step on toes, I want to use this thread either to alert other users or to brag about the bargains you have obtained. 

Tackla 6000 Keeper breezers were on sale via their Saturday email at Tron. Only size 46, 48, and 50 in black at that price. You may be able to grab them via their clearance section on their regular site. 

Tron mainly deals in off-brands, in house brands or closeouts. Their visor is very popular with forwards. I would not trust their chesty for anything more than roller hockey. They had a lot of the Graf stuff, but that stuff is mainly gone. Even though you have to shift through crap on the Saturday specials email, you can find a bargain that you can use, as well. Friday had a 120 pucks for $120, and I do believe shipping is free if your order is over $99. 

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