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CCM ABPro: Arm shortening


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I recently had an opportunity to grab a CCM ABPro to play with.  The arms are a bit long, and after a bit of hemming and hawing, I decided to trim them.  Here's photographic evidence...and a bit of tutorial if you are looking to do this yourself.

All in all, it was a fun little project and ran me about an hour per arm.  Everything was done by hand.


Step one:
Unlace elbow cup and open up the back.


Step two:
Mark off some reference points.  I used silver sharpie.
I'm pretty sure this is the same sharpie Carey Price used to autograph a jersey I have on display in my garage...


Step three:
Detach the elbow floater.

Step four:
I forgot to snap a pic of this, but the forearm and bicep pads are held in with nylon pockets.
These stitches are pretty tight.  What you probably want to do is use a seam ripper to lift the seam so you can get a knife in there and start peeling and snipping.

Step five:
Take out the padding.
Not too familiar with what grade foam this is, I'm gonna guess HD sandwiched by LD.
Note again the three marks I made as reference points on how much to trim.
Notice the orange strip of D30, I ended up planting that just above the velcro strap at the wrist for flexibility.
I took off about an inch and a half.  Be careful when cutting!


Step five:
Since I used a strip of D30 just above the wrist, I had to close it off into it's own compartment.
You can also see the top of the forearm pocket here.
Marvel at how straight that stitch line is!


Step six:
Close off the pocket, reattach the elbow floaters.
Here's the finished product.  It wraps a lot better around my forearm.
If I had more skill, I would probably unstitch the velcro and wrist elastic, roll it up, and restitch.

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