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Wilcox Goal Design Goalie Gloves/ CCM 590 Clones


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Location : Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Price : 175 USD + Shipping

CCM/ Reebok 590 Clone Gloves. Double Tee skate lace, +1 deep pocket, pro level palm protection & perfect seal to the ice. Blocker palm has a couple minor wear marks in the palm.

Built by Dave Wilcox (WGD) who was the architect behind the Sherwood/ TPS lines and serviced and built tons of NHL goaltenders gear for years. He now works at the legendary Kenesky goal company designing chest protectors for NHL goaltenders and plenty of other amazing gear for weirdos everywhere. In his short time away from building gear for the pros he built gloves at home as he owns a lot of the patents.

I have a Sherwood style trapper he built for me in his garage that I love so when I saw these gloves for sale I grabbed them.

I however found out that I am too old school/ set in my ways for a 1 piece glove & a 590 closure. My sherwood style glove also has an intermediate internal because my hands are like a hamsters hands. So these just don't help me stop pucks. And I need all the help.


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