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Pad size for NHL goalies


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I don't think they have sizes in the way that we think of sizes.  When you see pro return pads for sale they'll often be listed as "roughly" 35+2, etc.  Sizes are only really relevant for retail purposes when we are buying non-custom pads.

They get their pads custom made to their specific legs within the limitations enforced by the NHL. 

How come you want to know?....just curious.

Welcome and thanks for joining here, by the way.

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Just curious as to which sizes are used by the various goalies.  Wondering if height plays into it.  As an example the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro line goal pads (and all other Bauer goal pads) come in S,M,L,XL and was wondering what size pads the various goalies wear.

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Overall height definitely plays into it, for sure.  But it's really about the length of your leg from foot to knee that matters most. 

When ordering custom, they have you measure the length of your lower leg up to your knee, the length of your knee up to your thigh where you want the pad to stop, and your skate size. They take these measurements to create a custom pad for you.

There are charts floating around that have these measurements corresponding to typical pad sizes.  There are also charts that show how the Bauer sizes correspond to to traditional pad sizes.  If you search in the Bauer threads on here you'll see them.

I've never seen a chart with NHL goalies and their pad sizes......but again, they don't really order "35+2" they just send their leg measurements and have pads built.

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pretty much all pros khave custom sized pads , whatever # they have on there is just that a # that doesnt mean much.

what legal size they have is completely diff they stock pad size # bc its a combination of #s.

Dont worry about the #s figure out the FTK or ATK then the boot size and thigh pref to see if it is what u are looking for in pro returns.

here is what u guys a looking for from back in the day.





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