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Got new gear! Time to change my style too?


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Mid 30s now, play 2-3 times a week on average. My last new stuff I bought was a set of Vaughn V2s. 

Loved the look of the new Bauer line so finally pulled the trigger and got a new set of 1X pads, glove and blocker. Also got a 1S stick too. 

I've played a few games with the new gear and wow. So different. 

The V2s are much softer and heavier and don't slide like the 1X do. I actually love how the 1X shoots the rebounds away hard as I hate covering pucks. 

I don't seem to notice too much difference going from a 12 inch to 11 inch pad. But the glove size reduction is quite noticeable. The increased protection of the new glove and blocker is amazing compared to what I was using. Old V2 glove would get a lot of stingers. Way less with the new glove. 

The 1S is also the first good composite stick I have ever used. I can't believe I spent that much $ on a stick but I do love it. The lightness of it is incredible. 

The question I have about changing styles with my new pads is if someone has any good videos or drills that I can learn how to slide and stay down to cover the post when the play is deep in the zone or behind the net. Right now I still do old school way of stand up to cover the post when the play is behind the net but I'm finding that I often get scored on with a quick pass in front and then when I have to drop from standing to butterfly is when they score. Staying down and being able to cover lots of the lower part of the net would be great if I could learn the proper technique to do this. 

Thanks! I'll give an update on the new gear as I use it more. 

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First of all- congrats on the new set. I admit that I was one of the biggest detractors of the newer Bauer offerings. But they are growing on me. This edition of the new tech Bauer pads are downright attractive. Your set is stunning.

I am self-taught, and am not terribly good, being that I took up goal at the tender age of 42. However- the reports I have gotten from people in these pads is how much faster they can go post to post. I wear older school styled pads, and find that when the ice degrades, going post to post gets harder and harder. 

I tend to stay down when play goes behind the net, as every time I stand up to cover the post, it seems that the pass always gets to the open side. Besides having orange, cone-shaped defensemen, They get me on that play unless I am already down. Of course if I am not hugging the post, they get the shot off and get my 7 hole, any way!

Let's hope one of the better goalers (which is most likely every other poster besides myself) could give better guidance. 

Congrats again on your set!

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So there are a few trains of thought on goal line positioning and behind the net positioning.

Here's two images to demonstrate.

The first is a more in depth guide to what you're looking for, the second is a quick guide to get started.

Myself, the first is probably the tool you want to eventually learn, the save selection you choose from there is entire up to you. I loathe the VH, i feel locked in, immobile and lost when using it. The RVH is my jam. I have enough hip flexibility and prefer the ability to have free hands while doing so that it compliments my play.

The thing is, VH is easier to push cross crease due to the load leg already being in a vertical position, RVH has the load leg on the opposite side. This can lead to difficulties to push out to the center of the crease. Either by pushing off the post with the skate, your shin, or hell, even loading up the post leg (not going to happen on quick plays) are your options.

There are a ton of guides on youtube about VH and RVH. Though, a lot of it is going to be trial and error for the Beer leagues and just trying to get comfortable in either one and finding out which ones works best for you.

Also,standing at the post is always fine when the puck is a bit further out. Just be sure to bend the knees and anticipate a shot regardless of puck position. Getting caught flat footed will get you burnt.


This may help.


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That is very helpful thank you. As you said new things are certainly tough to learn at this stage with no practices and just games 2-3 x week. 

But I'll work on the vh and rvh as much as I can when the play is at the other end and see if I can get comfortable with one of them. 

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Had a game tonight. Was trying some rvh when I had a chance when the play was in the other end. I'll keep at it. Still felt very strange. 

As I side note, I LOVE how the 1X shoot out the rebounds compared to my old soft V2s. They saved a sure goal today as I had a save that my V2s would have left a juicy rebound to the wide open guy whereas tonight the puck rocketed past the guy before he even had a chance to react. As I mentioned I am horrible with rebound control so the active rebounds on the 1X will be a huge help to my game. 

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