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Thigh rise trim

Jonathon v

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2 hours ago, Imperative said:

I sent my pads back to brians to get the thigh rise cut down. To keep them bindingless it will be more expensive than to just have a binding at the top. 



How much did that repair set you back @Imperative, if you don’t mind me asking? If it were me @Jonathon v, I would get a toe/thigh trim to not only keep it cheaper, but have an item you can replace when it wears. Older pads didn’t have a toe/thigh trim (a.k.a. “Binding”), but those areas take serious abuse, which is why John Brown invented the toe/thigh trim back in the ‘70s. 

I know that it is around $250-300 for Dennis to do it the last time I heard.  Not certain how much Brian’s charges. On that set of pads, this mod would be WELL worth it; I would try to knock off a few hundred from the price to cover the mod.

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On 10/21/2019 at 11:00 AM, BadAngle41 said:

@Jonathon v... both @dstew29 and myself had our CCMs trimmed down by Dennis at FactoryMAD. He did a great job and ha a quick turnaround.

100% agree here ^^

Dennis did an amazing job and I had them back in under a week from ship date. Took my down to 1.5” from 2.5” and it’s been a major improvement. 

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