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Need a new neck guard

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Hey boys, need some opinions. I currently have the ccm neck guard mesh shirt and it’s done it’s job. Sadly, I keep getting hit up high and let’s just say the shots aren’t feeling good. I know of eco pro and roughneck, paw, and kova, but I don’t know which would be best for me. I want something protective but not super stiff like the Vaughn or Bauer knock guards. Also, the ccm only has a cut proof part on the neck. It’s not actually padded like the collarbone part. I want the neck to have padding as well but not to the point where it’s stiff and I can’t move my head. Thanks for the help!

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I just bought a John Brown neck guard like the one Ilya Samsonov wears and it is great. It has tons of coverage and is really heavy duty, yet at the same time it does not hinder movement.  I took a shot up high right below my mask and didn't feel it one bit.  John's customer service is also top notch!

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20 hours ago, Peter36 said:

Go with a roughneck. Velcro isn't the best, but once you get one of those neck guards you'll never want to wear anything else.

Agreed on both points. Just replaced the velcro on my Maltese (same construction as Roughneck) to something more along the lines of what @Beccaraptor puts on hers at PAW. Also... I like my Maltese type so much I cab't see wearing anything else again... in fact it has actually allowed me to no longer wear a padded shirt at all (admittedly the Passau Pro Pack also plays a part in that.)

@A.YOUNGoalie13 on that note... give PAW @Beccaraptor a look and/or Kova. From what I understand they are a little stiff at first but break in and last beautifully. Lots of choices in construction as well.

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14 hours ago, A.YOUNGoalie13 said:

@Telfo @southpawtendy48 @Peter36 Did you guys order then off the Passau website?

Ecoprofoam is from https://goalieparts.com

sadly they only have it in black as of now. you can get a custom roughneck for $146.56 USD. https://passauhockey.com/en/boutique/roughneck-protection/protege-cou-roughneck-sur-mesure/

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19 hours ago, A.YOUNGoalie13 said:

Do you know if it’s the high low density up their? My dad is extremely concerned for some reason and that would make or break the decision to get a roughneck

No clue. I love my roughneck though. Only thing I would change is that the velcro is pretty bad. 

If your dad is concerned about the safety, tell him that the roughneck allowed me to ditch the dangler. Also, whenever I take a shot to it I have never had any pain at all.

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