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2X Boot Breakdown - Reddit User


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There was a video posted in the 'whats in a pad' thread where a Finnish guy takes apart some 1x's and I think they had the same problem in that the boot section just fell off once the skin was off the pad!

They must either have a really deep boot break to facilitate flex or be completely detached from the main core of the pad I'm guessing? Although, as I've just typed that out I remember Brian's saying that they'd stopped working with Lehner (Buffalo era) because he wanted a completely detached boot and they couldn't do it without compromising the integrity of the pad...

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8 minutes ago, RyanR3KC said:

The OP on this Reddit thread claims 6 months of use at more than 5-7 ice times a week in a very competitive league

that’s heavy usage. Could any pad hold

up to that?

There's a few NHL guys that have dropped to using 1 Bauer set a year. So it's not like there isn't backup to their products lasting.

I'm sure other pads would show some substantial wear and tear as well too, I just don't the possibility of the boot essentially just falling off like that.

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5 hours ago, coopaloop1234 said:


I have never seen anything like this before. This seems like a manufacturing defect and not a usage one to me, especially considering the amount of Pro Bauer sets are in the wild without any mention of a similar issue.

Planned obsolescence 

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