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Bauer Vapor 3X Pro


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5 hours ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

This post is a little contradictory.  You question the longevity of the pro level gear but want to use sub pro gear and expect it to last longer?  I don't think that you will have an issue with the pro level gear.  Those issues were worked out many years ago.  I understand not wanting to get pro level gear if you don't face higher level competition but if you're playing multiple times per week you could benefit from the better materials of the pro gear lasting longer than sub pro.  That goes for any gear manufacturer, not just Bauer.  As for Bauer gear itself, I have no personal experience with the modern Bauer gear so I will let someone else comment on it.

Thanks all.  As for the above, yes, I have read the Pro gear issues were largely ironed out, which gives me hope.  If the Pro level gear still had issues, I wouldn’t consider the Senior level gear at all.  I just worry that them addressing quality issues at the top of the line doesn’t mean anything for what follows under it, so wanted to see what impressions of their latest Senior offerings were. 

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