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Cage painting

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I've rattle-canned a couple cages over the years.   First, prep is key.  Read the directions on the paint you select and prep as they recommend.  I usually de-grease with rubbing alcohol, sand with 300 grit sandpaper, then prep with whatever the primer I'm going to use suggests.   Yes, you NEED to use primer.  That's step 2.   After 2 light coats of primer step 3 is to apply 3-5 light coats of spray paint, sanding gently between coats.   Finish with clear coat if you like, but I've never bothered.   My usual final step is to use a paint pen to paint the inside of the bars white for better visibility.     

Get your paint and primer at an auto parts store instead of Home Depot.  The results will be better.   One final tip:  Allow the paint to cure for several days (or as long as recommended by the mfg) in a warm, dry spot.  

edit:  I agree with Tubby.  Get a quote on powder coating.  If you have a few items sitting around like I do it may make sense to DIY.  If you have to buy everything you may come out almost even getting it powder coated.   I have never had an issue with chipping/flaking due to the amount of care I put into prep work, so if you do paint just take your time, do it right and you'll be just fine.

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1 hour ago, TDS-MN said:

I think you could easily spend $30 on materials to prep and paint it yourself, and end up with a less-durable finish.  I would suggest the powder coating and just be done with it.

That assumes the $30 dollar price point is accurate.  If it is, I agree powder coating is the only option.  Here in Columbus the best quote I've received (from a reputable shop anyway) has been over $50.

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Contact Tim at TWJ Powdercoating. He is a fellow goalie and hell of nice guy. He powdercoated my cage and the results are amazing. I believe his price is $30 with shipping in US included. Colors are endless from him and so are styles.

Painting your own unless it's done absolutely perfect you risk eye injuries with paint flaking off, even perfectly you still risk it. All cages now are powdercoated because its extremely durable 

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17 hours ago, A.YOUNGoalie13 said:

So I need a new cage for my otny mask. I want a black cage but it’s $30 extra to get any color other than the standard chrome/silver. I figured maybe I could paint the cage myself. I know they are normally powder coated but could I spray paint it? Also if I can what should I use to seal it so it doesn’t chip off as easily?

$30 is a very fair price. No at home solution will stand up to normal use. It will cost that much or more to get is painted at a local powder coater

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