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Brands with trigger grip


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5 hours ago, Many said:

sorry for the weird question in this thread but it's  common to hold it with the middle finger in the trigger ( seem to put the blocker more in front and square ) 

You can use either your index or middle finger. The following video is what had me create this thread (first minute in)...


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At retail nobody does it. I bet you could try and talk to stores about doing that at retail though. If its available at custom, and a lot of people at the retail market want the spec, the store could buy a bulk of sticks from them with trigger grips or some different options for people but it take a lot more than 1 request from the store. theres lots of pro return sticks online that have custom grips you could look at till that day could come though, depending where you are some of the stores up in canada have them, and pro stock hockeys website has a lot of pro return composites with custom grips on them.

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