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Rubber washers under cage mounts...are they necessary?

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1 hour ago, TheGoalNet said:

My question back... would you go through the energy of taking them off?


I had a custom cage done, the screws and brackets were painted as well. Putting the screws back in was impossible with the washers. I've never read anywhere where washers of any sort were necessary or life changing. Just wondering.

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I will echo other responses, I don't think their intent is cushion as much as it is to provide protection for helmet paint and contact directly by the metal of cage clips.

I acquired a used Eddy in pretty good shape, but cosmetically had some rust marks on the helmet shell at the screw holes.  I added the washers when I swapped cages, just to stop that from happening further, as they were a little unsightly on the white helmet shell.

I think personally if I had invested any $$ in a nice paint job, I would find a way to get washers in there.

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