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Glove tee closes in


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I've only seen this actually happen when catching puck which goes just that much wrong that the puck forces the lip in. But never in a way that you open the glove too much to turn the lip inwards. Picture of the actual glove would give some idea about whats wrong.

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6 hours ago, Colander said:

Can you get a video of you throwing a puck into it - I still can't envision what you say is happening... I only see it fold in when you force it to...

I mean it kinda has to be on my hand for the puck to close it inward. It doesn’t happen often but it seems like it happens more in games than it does in practice

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Basically you are catching the puck in wrong angle as it hits the T on the outside or to the edge so far that the puck won't go inside the pocket. Just saying this out loud as if it is the case then there is very little you can do by fixing the glove itself. 

My friend had this happen a lot with his Brians Gnetik5.0 which has that lip problem leading to this behavior.

I've experiensed this only ones that I remember and that was when I moved to left to catch a one-timer. Didn't get fast enough but got it with my glove, the T folded in and the puck stayed there in between the folded T. 👌

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