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Bauer Vapor 1X catcher


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Got a chance to buy this one so I thought it's time to see what they have changed since Reactor 9000. Payed 40 euros so it's cheap yes, but ofcourse it's not free, atleast from problems. The cuff/thumb plastic is shattered, interesting to see how bad it really is but it feels totalled. Doesn't really matter as new plastic is needed but interesting anyways. Some minor cuts in jenpro and that Cortech whatever. Also can't really close the glove completely, quick evaluation says it's the lip plastic on fingers side that is twisted and not working as it should. 

It's a custom one with double T. Don't know there are any other options but that is obvious. heavily used, you can tell from the binding and lacing of the pocket.


Top side isn't that bad at all. Dirty yes but that is normal for used gear.


Finger protector is looking worse but then again only needs some cleaning, nothing broken.


Inside of the glove is really nice as it would've been washed some times. Don't really think it is though. Maybe extra glove is used underneath.


Then just for exitement of new and interesting gear I used some magic eraser to see how it cleans up the Cortech and some more.

While cleaning I noticed that the seam has lost the thread on thumb side and some miserable creature has tried to glue it back together. Hasn't held on and now it's interesting to see if I still can sew it with my machine. Because of the glue I can't clean it either.

Magic eraser did a good job cleaning up, you can tell from the picture which parts I cleaned already.


And one more of the cleaning job.


This project will take some time to finish as I have to get them hanging projects done now. Just had to start this up a little. I do feel a little exited about this glove for some reason.

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Doing some pre-research over intterwebs and found out at some text (or video review, Hockey Reviews..?) that the Vapor 1X was too small compared to NHL regulations which is annoying from design standpoint. One would think every part of millimeter should be used out.

Then took the measure and checked it out; 110.5cm of perimeter. Not an exact league measurement but gives you an idea.

The only place to correct this ie. take the whole of the max width is to lenghten the lip of the T by 30 millimeters, over an inch. That is actually quite alot.

Edit: friend of mine measured his 2X pros, has two identical ones, and those measured 114cm both.

Edit2: re-measure of the 2X

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Got too exited about it and here we go 😅

First a test of how would it look and feel if the lip was extended 15mm from both ends. Feels the same but the pocket size is getting huge! Similar size when comparing to the VE8 lip length. Very similar glove in many other ways too, 590 copycat.


I'll do the same mod for wrist strap I did to those V6 Vaughns and some CCM too. The strap originally goes through cuff plates and secures hand in. I'll route the strap around the wrist with only padding around so there will be quite a lot of extra mobility. Wrist padding already is removed in this picture.


Then we get inside the glove to see how Bauer has thought of the padding. I would say pretty well, the design is really good. 👍

Soft foam (white) 5mm thick, felt 1mm and 5mm of heavier maybe MD foam (camping mattress style)

There also a strip of XRD foam in the middle of the break area, double 3mm of that in total. Should protect the palm pretty well.


Layered picture of it.


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There is also XRD while it isn't advertised. Atleast from the feel and color of the material. Sewn in under the nylon fabric. This is the same textured fabric that is used on the outside. There is also the "normal" nylon fabric used, which is kind of funny, mixing these materials.


Then some sewing to fix that one seam and some other factory sews that were already gone or close to it. Still have to open the finger edge and make a fix to the edge there. Grey or black Jenpro, that's the question.


So the plastic part of the glove. There is that same styrofoam used as it's model the CCM 590 uses.


And the plastic is destroyed the same way as the CCM ones use to break. Again we have the wrist strap going around the wreckage and I can't keep myself from thinking that it is the reason for this happening. As said in the VE8 project the same goes here; excellent copy of the original, it even breaks the same way!


Break line cut is once again awkward and will definitely have some effect on closure. Luckily I can once again try and fix this.

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I think I would be more terrified to do these operations to something I don't own 😆

For what's it worth, some repairs were done, the edge got some black jenpro. Sewing went over with one stich, twice. 😶


T got a new lip and holes were covered to make new ones a with a bit more length into it. Bindings were still waiting if some problems would occur.

I didn't realize until now that Bauer is also using the same pure white jenpro as Vaughn. And my natural white jenpro looks a bit off (or dirty) here again.


Those million holes from previous fixing look annoying but I didn't do anything to them while I could've. So be it for now.


Reinforced the boot with some stiching also, there was a little tearing starting which hopefully is stopped now.

Some new holes when the glove is ready for it and I have to figure out the plastics to the lip as the original ones were cut and will also be too short with the coming extension.

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Not a single picture in between but then again it was only lacing things up and made some new holes to the ends of the T. That was actually pretty easy as the original version was closing very nicely so I just added the 15mm to both ends to extend the perimeter close to the 114cm limit.

Lip leathers got some extra holes to the bending areas to soften them a little and plastics I made from 3mm sheet this time to make them rigid as lip is quite long now.


It is really a lot the same as the Vaughn VE8 glove. Operates smoothly but not the softest I have. Closure is excellent and the glove feels very good. Have to say that all of the used Vapor and Supreme pro gloves I've tried on have felt really bad, stiff closing and closure has been of in defferent ways. But seemingly it can be worked out and made to work again.

Now some pocket lacing and back hand protection and it's good to go. 

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So this came to an end. Happy ending with everything worked out and looking nice. Tennisball catching was super easy and the glove feels really nice. Even me being a huge fan of pinky and thumb loops I don't really miss the pinky loop here. Maybe the single finger stalls have an effect on that.


Mid lane is laced loosely to have some slack there when glove is closed. Getting it fully open needs a bit of assistance pushing it flat against my hip etc but closure is excellent and soft.

Nothing to tell on the back hand side.


 Forgot to take a picture from inside the cuff and that freed up wrist strap. But didn't even notice the whole strap anymore and while thinking about it I don't even know if it was tightened at all. So this glove might fall into those that I don't need to use the wrist strap at all. Nice.

Now I should get on with that VE8 C/A and RBK pads to get them done. Maybe we might get on ice in july atleast. The Indian variant of the Corona is starting to mess things up again.

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15 hours ago, RichMan said:

Nice work!

I have a Budaj JRZ pro return that could use similar tweaking.

Where are you based out of?

You mean where I'm living in eh? Finland. Pirkanmaa region 🙂

JRZ is familiar from Bauer Total Ones I have and Reactor 9000 and Itech X-wing were made by JRZ too I think. 

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2 hours ago, ArdeFIN said:

You mean where I'm living in eh? Finland. Pirkanmaa region 🙂

JRZ is familiar from Bauer Total Ones I have and Reactor 9000 and Itech X-wing were made by JRZ too I think. 

You are right, all produced by JRZ. Quality products.

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Alrighty then, as I have had ahabit to come back to these gloves after some on ice experience it's time for this one.

It's a bit stiff of my selection of gloves. Not stiff like new from shop though. Easy enough to close without any problem but opening out wide isn't possible without little help from blocker side or hip etc. Comparing to the Vaughn VE8 here which closes and opens out markably easier.

But despite that the glove performs excellent, puck that enters the pocket stays there and angle(s) of the glove work to me nicely. Inside materials are really pleasant and missing the pinky loop isn't a problem at all. My hand does wonder around in the glove just that much that I notice it occasionally but when in the middle of the action it doesn't bother at all.

One close range snapshot to the boot of the T / palm area and felt it hitting but nothing else. Gotta like the XRD foam there.

Concluding in not as good as the VE8 I have but only falls behind that much that I can say so. With some more use I think I'll love this one too.

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