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DIY Calf Pillow


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Hey all - seeing a lot of new pads have had calf pillows implemented as stock now (i.e. Hyperlite, Optik2), and thought I'd see if anyone's built one or added one to their pads? Looks like a cool addition and some reviews are saying it really helps with comfort and seal. Would also be curious how it's impacted your pads as well.

Thinking of making and adding one to my G3s!

Thanks all.

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So I had some small wedges that I velcro'd into my G3's. No picture as I don't have pads right now - they were only 1/2" thick that I pulled from I believe a Simmons Beef-Up kit, but I did notice better seal for sure. 

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4 hours ago, indykrap said:

Nice! Do you remember where you fit them in? I am thinking between the wrap and calf wedge.

Yes, there was a piece of velcro already there that I just put it right into. I also didn't have my calf wrap running through the loop and unlinked in as mnw0ng did in a lot of his earlier videos on his G3 as well. 

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