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Installing stripes on pants?


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11 hours ago, RichMan said:

Has anyone successfully done so on their already used pants?

My Mckenneys still have a couple years left in them and I always wanted to own a Habs set-up and this approach would be cheaper than going full custom (sometime soon).

My seamstress has repaired stripes on the pants, though it did require pad removal (great opportunity to examine and replace components), so I am certain you can add; just takes time.

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As a disclaimer I can not sew and thankfully I have a buddy who does that I go to for hockey gear repairs...but I imagine this should be a pretty easy sewing job once the strips of nylon are found in whatever color you need.  Once you have materials, it seems to me that sewing stripes down the side of pants should be very easy for anyone who can sew.  I have 2 pairs of pant shells with stripes and it looks easy (except not for me because I can not sew).

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