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G5 sr+ pads with broken cores


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As some of you might have noticed in the "new gear" -topic I bought a pair of used G5 sr+ pads recently and have used them three times now.

The thigh rises seemd to be a bit soft regarding to reviews showing they should be pretty stiff. Well the thigh rise itself is stiff but the non existent break above the knee where there is this profile lock tab, the core is cut through on both pads. The thigh rise isn't completely sloppy and I can play with the pads but just knowing them to be cut isn't what I want to have on my legs.

The seller told me that he had played in them for a season, 3-4 times per week se there is some use already in them but not that much. And then again the overall shape of the pads is really good, there are only minor wear in the "normal" areas like boot and thigh rise corners so no evidence of any sort of abuse. There is no stitches missing or any other sign of wear on the outside. Only worn parts on pads were the original boot and toe straps which is kind of expected.

I did send a message to Warrior Europe through their website but ain't looking for quick reply. @Kirk3190 hasn't been with us in a long time but I can still leave him a note here :)

I also sent a message to Varusteverstas asking for core repair or replacement possibilities. I assume they are in some relation to Warrior as they are making different Warrior projects all the time.

Thoughts, input? 

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Warrior Finland (Europe) already replied to me on my query asking for some pictures of the pads and if I had the receipt or some other proof for the actual date of purchase.

Incredible service if it continues this way. Have to love Warrior.

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Here are pictures I took just to clarify what I have here, left pad first:


Then bent with thumb and index only. Above the seam near thumb you can see the non-linear section. Black is a pain of a colour to take pictures of. 


Then right pad


Then again with thumb and index bending the broken area. Jenpro is very stiff material when it is formed like  it is here.


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Got an intriguing offer from Varusteverstas to upgrade my pad cores to Pro version and the price is really tolerable considering there will be real change.

While I'm still waiting for Warrior to give out their decision on whether they think their pads should last a bit longer than a year or not I'm really considering taking the Pro core offer.

Luckily the season is almost done and then I have two months before I need pads, yes I have the GT too, so there's plenty of time to get ready for the next season.

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To be honest if it's a quarantee issue it would only happen to one pad and for first user. Now it's both pads = user fault? I didn't find the picture of your pads but I remember some photo I saw and the boot wear isn't normal. It looked more like playing at asphalt or something. 

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15 hours ago, Korppi32 said:

To be honest if it's a quarantee issue it would only happen to one pad and for first user. Now it's both pads = user fault? I didn't find the picture of your pads but I remember some photo I saw and the boot wear isn't normal. It looked more like playing at asphalt or something. 

Yes, there are 5 spots that are worn interestingly, but those are so small (area for one is about 10cent coin but long and narrow) and really sharp edged that it doesn't really support the asphalt gaming either. Maybe roller with protective covers would do such markings, can't really tell. 

The boot wear on the left pad is somewhat normal, the core has a very sharp edge inside. But even with that it is usual to happen. On the right pad there is a minimal spot on the knee-thigh corner, which is also not normal but there is no core edge or anything to explain. And the surroundings are almost intact. There was one or two similar very small spots but I wasn't able to find them in the pictures. Could be the top corners which are usually worn. And are also in my GT pads where those are the only wear spots.

I'm really not expecting anything like new pads from Warrior but more so some compensation or even commenting to the cores. I really can't figure a way to break those thigh rise areas on a pad. One way would be to rest your body and hands on them heavily but then there would be some damage done to all of the pads and not just the core being cut in two.

The seller has gone quiet and haven't replied to my question about the receipt so there is a possibility of gotten busted. But I'm not raising an issue against the seller either as I propably would not get anything out of that either. Most being send the pads back to him and get my money back and start looking for another set of G5 pads.

The Pro coers offer is getting more and more temptating the more I think of this case. The actual wear on the pads is so minimal still and then I could tell the pads to be a G5 Pro pads. With the money I paid for the pads and Varusteverstas offer it would be a decent money for used G5 Pro pads.

In the pictures the pads are straight out of the box when I received them and the box was a bit too short so the pads were curved. At the moment they are pretty much straigth even while I have cracked the Profile lock tabs to keep them somewhat curved to close my narrow flare 5-hole.



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Long time gone but now these are back in the business.

Kova Repairs stuffed in the Pro cores and now I really have G5 pads. Just to say I don't know the difference to SR+ pads as mine were broken but the change to new and fit Pro core is still huge. 

As I have in my GT pads I asked Topi to add some curve to knee - thigh rise so that I can close my 5-hole properly and it works as planned.

There really isn't a lot of difference in feel to my GT pads but for some undefined reason I like the feel of the GT pads a bit more. Hair splitting more though and I do feel I'm home in the G5 pads too.

I'll add a picture later on but there really isn't anything to show as only cores were replaced.

Discussion with Warrior is still going on but we have some sort of agreement already... 😃

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