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Warrior G4Pro gloves, refurbishment


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Here we go once again. So these were available for reasonable price considering the need for some repairs. But from the sales ad I thought these were worse than they appeared.


Warrior catcher gloves after G2 have looked really small but the perimeter is 112cm which is more than Bauer 1X was. Not a lot of possibility to add any length either.

Catcher palm is 75deg, but as usual I don't have any other palm available to compare. Doesn't feel bad at all though. Blocker is with L palm which is a bit short on fingers for me.


Things to be fixed are the finger edge on the cathcer and that is all that can be seen without dismantling. Blocker has a few small worn spots that I'll fix the I can without overdoing those, and the sidewall is broken at the middle (bumby area in the picture right next "Warrior" -text logo. Alos the blocker plate needs some attention but can't tell more about that before I'll get it open.


These are known to be lightweigth and the catcher is 849g.


And blocker is few grams below that.


As these are popular gloves now you can give me suggestions on what to look at and what I should document for you. One that I've in my mind is opening the catcher as it is always the problem when someones asking for advice to change the pocket lace. But what else? Comment below or PM me. 🙏

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I am a big fan of equipment and I am always interested in technical solutions and materials used from different manufacturers. never had Warrior gloves so their internal structure will be interesting. more photos. As always, I follow your work!

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Never seen Hypercomp before, now I have.

I'll just leave these pictures here. Maybe add some explanation later.




Blocker plates under the HyperComp, white is very stiff and hard kind of foamed plastic. Black is a bit softer foam. Not sticking together anymore but will get some glue later on.


Palm parts will go into soaking process. Why the hell people don't take the chance of washing these in a machine every now and then? It even might help with the glove slipping issue when you don't have all of the grease and filth built in the gloves.



Black foam is finished and will be replaced. There is 2mm sheet of white foam underneath. 10mm thick white foam will replace all of it. It's still soft but stiffer than original. Should give a better touch and control to what the blocker is doing.



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There was some nasty wear propably from using tape on the stick. And that had to be repaired for practising reason atleast.

The thumb protector was easy with just a new seam. Sewed this with the outside on top so I didn't see what was happening in the inside and didn't catch the nylon fabric perfectly. But it'll hold.


On the outside there still some wear to see but it doesn't have any effect other than looks used.


The Index finger protector was more difficult as the structure was designed horribly. Though propably not designed to be repaired but these parts are still laced in and not sewn. A slice of new jenpro to cover the worn area and I had to cut a 5mm from the edge under the jenpro to get it done. Looks sharp and still protects th fingers as it should. Actually works better now to my liking as it doesn't push my paddle and let's me hold the blocker in line with it.


Not the easiest repair I've done while looks really simple. Might get this done easier in the next time but I'm certainly not looking for it.


Then some plate job. The Hypercomp was destroyed so loyal PE sheet in 2mm thickness was used. I also added a sheet of 5mm thick dense but soft foam to beef the blocker a bit as the original plate had shrunk a lot from pucks and hitting the post with the edges.


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So the glove had some significant wear on the finger edge that had to be dealt with. And from previous gloves I know this is shitty job as my sewing machine isn't just strong enough to penetrate all the layers and there are many. So I had to make some hidden cutouts to help my machine a bit.


It's kind of annoying that they have so many zones there and sure it makes the colored glover look nice. But there is a lot of extra sewing job to do. 

So I took all of the zone pieces out and replaced them with new jenpro. And some artistic added stitching... The binding is worn but I don't have anything to put there and it'll wear out again anyways.


Then the part I was worried about was sewing everything together again. I had some from cutting out the stacked layers and went pretty smoothly after all.

Some worn sewings were renewed too and I added a piece of jenpro to the boot area of the T as it would fail sooner or later.


Gear heads want to see what's inside, here's the padding layer. Cuff is the usual thick board build just like the blocker except no plate. It's meant to be a bit soft? Palm has a layer of some 5mm thick and stiff foam with nylon fabric. (White balance in picture is way off the target)


Side view of the cuff plate.


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Then some pictures of the plates. I have to replace both of them because there is some damage. The Hypercomp again oh well I don't know how much it really does here. The plastic that Warrior uses here is very stiff even without the Hypercomp addition. Maybe it does add something that you can actually notice but it's hard to say from looking the materials and civilized quessing. And if you got to compare Pro and SR you would have to check the internal that the padding is the same too. The thin strip at the break is the usual milky PE plastic though, for some reason no Hypercomp is needed there.


Edge if the finger plate.


Thumb side plastic is destroyed. The glove propably wasn't really good anymore but it felt as a working one though. And once again without comparison to a new gear you couldn't tell.


I would assume that the thumb side of the T was a bit floppy and could let the pucks through.


The massive concavity on this plastic makes it really difficult to replace and I'm going to try and make it more straigth and only retain all the shapes that are necessary for the closure to work like it should.

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On 10/10/2022 at 5:39 PM, ser33 said:

judging by what I see, Hypercomp is the same polypropylene as CURV. just a fancy commercial name. great work as always!

Actually no, Curv from what I've seen is some sort of plastic infused fibermat, but best of them all so far. It has good flexibility but it still hold up the structural rigidity atleast in the Vapor 2X blocker that I quickly examined a while ago.

Hypercomp is more like a normal fiber sheet with resin. In these gloves it is used as a plain sheet and in cathcer it is attached to the plastic in some specific process. That seems to hold very well but the problem is that the plastic that the Hypercomp is added to isn't up to the task. Or maybe it is the Hypercomp that didn't hold.

I thought I had some more pictures of it but can't find them or I just didn't take them.

One picture from pre-assembly to see that everything fits in and are about in the right shape. There is a bit of an issue with the new finger plastic and the fixed edge. The plastic is pushing towards the break line and I might have to add a lace line to where my fingers end inside to hold the plastic in place.


Then a few pictures of the ready gloves together. I'll take them to test round on sunday.


I'm not really impressed with the pocket yet as I used the original laces that are the annoying stiff type that has been used by CCM earlier. Too bad that Warrior is possibly using it too.


I'll propably redo the pocket later with skate lace or if I can source some black lace then I'll use that. I made the pocket with one loop less than the original to make it a bit more loose or easier to see through. Not that I would ever look through the pocket but. Well yeah. 


The other thing is the glove angle, I now have the 75 degree palm and it feels just a little off to a way that I think a 90 degree would work better. I have one 90 degree palm for Warrior available locally but not sure of the model so I might have to check it out if the 75 isn't my thingy. And if the Warrior catcher is what I like at all.

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2 hours ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Thanks for the pictures. Always neat. 

Though what caught my attention is the side board finger protection. 

G4 had the curved accented protection like the GT and GT2. This looks like it carried over from a G3. 



Yes, I removed the bumb as I hate how it forces my paddle to turn against my pads or the other choice is to hold the blocker in odd angle.

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