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Possible to still get 4MM?

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So I'm looking to get back in net after a few years off and I'm wondering if there are any current options to get a 4mm runner in any of the newer cowl-less boots?  I remember Step used to make a 3mm to 4mm runner, but I can't seem to find much of anything out there now.  I was always a Bauer skate guy due to fit and profile, so is my best bet to try and find an older pair of Reactors?  Shortly before I stopped playing, I did try a pair of Vapor 1X with the 3mm runner and was not a fan.  After 3 ice times with them I could not seem to adjust at all. 

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Couldn't find any US retailers, but here are some Canadian retailers assuming you have the newer Vertexx Edge holder:






The Step Steel Fat...that's what I was thinking of.  Thanks!

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True's shift attack goalie holder can have a 4mm blade.  It's actually 3mm at the top where it inserts, but is 4mm on the bottom part.  It is also offset so you have more blade towards your inside edge.

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9 hours ago, ZeroGravitas said:


9 hours ago, jayluv54 said:

The Step Steel Fat...that's what I was thinking of.  Thanks!


Per Rance, Crease does not have them.  It's a website error that should display when you check out.

I got mine from Crow's

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