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Composite Stick Repair


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I picked up a youth hockey return True goalie stick yesterday. Some kid whacked it on the post after a loss and dented the side of paddle in some. Parents tossed it so I took it as it was a nice stick. 

Dent is about 1/2" deep. Not bad. I've had sticks get larger chips in them and they worked fine.

Stick is black, so repairing/ filling it with some type of epoxy will be easy. 

Any suggestions for an epoxy to repair or fill damage? I also have my son's newer Agent stick with some chips in the heel of his blade I want to also repair. I figure I'll do both at the same time.

I'll get pictures of both sticks later today. 

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I let it cure for a few hours. They only had this in a tan color. I should have used the carbon dust as mentioned earlier. Next time. The repairs aren't sexy looking but are better than before. The bond seems good. The player stick blade is in a stress area. Tryouts are in April for my kid, I'd be surprised if it made it that long.

The goal stick isn't in a bad spot. Some of the cardboard bonded in the epoxy. I'll have to see about getting it off. Ill tape over the repair anyway.







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I worked the stick repair a little more and smoothed it out for my son's blade. It's in a tough spot for stress and after he used it last night, some of the repair broke again. He said that it felt good using it. He also didn't tape over the repairs (really kid?). I'll take another stab at it as I have the epoxy. I'll add some carbon dust this time too. 


His stick was around $250 and he bought it with his birthday money in November. So keeping it alive for him is kinda cool.

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