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CCM Extreme Flex 3.5 Goalie Stick


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I picked up the CCM 'Extreme Flex' 3.5 Goalie Stick at pure Hockey before Christmas. It's an all wood Canadian made CCM goalie stick. It's a 26" Price P1 pattern.


I have been using a composite Bauer Supreme for a while. These CCM wood sticks are $59.99.

Reasons why I grabbed it:

Light - all wood, but about the same weight as a lower end composite stick

Stiff - while labeled 'extreme flex' (goal gear line I know); it's stiff as heck

Curve- big round curve

Looks - wood stick like a man

I've used it for the past two months. I play at least twice a week. I play ice and roller. 

I'm 41, 6'2" and 250. Grew up using all wood sticks, so this was what I remembered - just a lot lighter. I have a bunch of old sticks in garage I compared it to.


So new out of the box - the stiffness is noticed. My old Supreme was getting a little soft I guess. Playing the puck has returned. I assumed I was just getting old. Damn flexy sticks!

You can quickly notice the difference while banging the stick on the ice at the end of powerplays and the like. Sounds like thunder.

Deflecting shots with the stick is better too. Maybe the old stick deadened the puck a little?


Wood sticks chip. This stick lacks any edge protection. I only tape the blade with one layer of tape. No heel tape, no grip tape, just the knob too.

I don't use it for warmups. Save the stick some abuse.

I've taken numerous shots off the paddle. If it hits the edge, it splinters a little. Have a few spots where the paint chipped off the paddle from shots too. Few indents too.

After 2 months, it's still like new for play to me. My 11 year old son said that the stick looks "lit", so that's a plus.

I'll add current pictures in a bit.

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