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NHL Knee pad database


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We talk about evolution in gear and taking leaps forward. I do wonder about the knee pad, most companies have made some version that is essential this design for the last 20 years. Even the big Suisse style Giguere knee pads were modded versions of this design. 

I wouldn’t compare this to something like the 590 chest and arm which evolved into the the mythical P1. A design where people enjoyed the design and requested something similar for years. The knee pad seems to be of a “good enough I guess” mentality. 






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Jhonas Enroth still uses his Reebok branded version of the KOHO 589 Pro Swiss. Worn them since his late years in Buffalo. 



The Reebok branded versions are identical to the kOHO's and feature small branded logos on the padding, and none on the carbon plate.



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4 hours ago, creasecollector said:

Nice ! Yeah, those are legit. I've always wanted a pair when I found out about those years ago, but the price tag is too rich for my blood as far as knee pads go.

If I remember correctly, the custom ones used by Hiller and Giguere were about 1000 USD back then 😉.

5 hours ago, RedX said:

I have been able to handle some of the modded grey RbK ones before the official Koho branded ones. But the genuine Suisse style can be bought from WS Composite. The one thing I have stole from this design is adding Eva style foam on the landing gear of my knee pads.




Should by interesting to try and see what is difference with maltese in comparsion with KOHO/CCM. I use them and it doesn´t look like it needs anything to be changed in this area. But I have no previous experience with maltese..

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Possibly but it looks like there are three layers there, here's the stock ve8 with only two but it could just be the angle of the picture


Actually I think you're right it is just the binding and the first layer making it look like two

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3 hours ago, creasecollector said:

Going through random photos on my computer, and found a pic I saved from somewhere. Could these be the original Pro Tech Swiss modelled knee pads similar to what Hiller would have worn when he first debut them?


I had a chance to see ones he wore years ago and looked almost same, without ProTech logo and carbon "tape" in the middle of the front plate. Even the grey part was same. I don´t know if  they were the first ones, but Hiller was very picky and conservative about his gear 😉

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