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Goalie Stick Reviews - Reebok Premier Senior Composite Luongo vs. Brian's Senior Foam Core Goalie Stick

Adam Cooper

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Hi Goalies,

I've been playing goalie for the last 7-months and I've had the opportunity to play with two different sticks on a regular basis.  The Reebok Premier Senior Composite Luongo and Brian's Senior Foam Core goalie stick.  Both have severed me well and remain doing so.  I would say that I tend to use the Reebok more often (70% of the time) averaging 3 games a week.  Attached is my video.

In summary:

Reebok Premier Senior Composite Luongo Goalie Stick:


- It is super light at only 730grams

- No arm fatigue and able to move the stick really quickly in my motions

- Purchased this stick on clearance, there are still deals to be had with this model if you look on-line as it is no longer in production.

- Durability - overall integrity has been excellent 

- Grip - has excellent grip with no need to tape trigger area (helps with keeping your blocker grip clean from tape residue)

- Solid at playing the puck - curve is not as aggressive so it is more difficult to lift the puck


- Paint and lacquer are pealing off or flaking which affect the look

- Shaft also has chips from pucks and the posts (need to monitor to ensure there are no splinters going forward)

- Vibration and dampening - not as good as the foam core.  I'm willing to give this up for the other advantages

Brian's Foam Core Goalie Stick:


- Very durable in all areas, shaft, blade etc.

- No chipping of the paint just your normal black puck marking

- Vibration and Impact dampening are very good

- Curve of stick is better allowing for easier elevation of the puck but the curve makes it less easy to receive the puck as I find I have to adjust the angle of the blade when taking a dump in.

- Price - this stick sells for around $80 and is very good on the budget.  I will always invest extra dollars I save on my sticks for other parts of my equipment.  I would just not feel comfortable dropping $300+ for a Pro stick when I'm playing recreational hockey.


- Weight is okay but no where near as light as the composite

- With the higher weight I found I was not as fluid in my movement with the stick (I've heard from others that a heavier stick helps keep it on the ice.  I did not notice this. In fact I found I was not as good at keeping this stick covering my five hole when sliding.

- I'm not as big a fan having a wooden stick shaft as I do take care of my sticks.

- No grip on this stick so had to ensure I used Grip tape

Please feel free to share your comments or questions.

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