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Jerseys of today….

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It seems that way to me too. I have an old Bauer XXL player jersey from early 2000s that fits fine over my chesty but a goalie cut 58 from today barely fits.

I think this is a result of player jerseys trying to be more “aero” to assist in faster skating. It could also be poor consistency. I have a 56 Addidas (stock) practice jersey which fits fine over my player gear but an  MiC Addidas 56 practice jersey I got from the La Kings is way too tight. 

shout out to @chenner for hooking me up on some 60Gs for my goalie gear. 

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On 8/11/2023 at 11:45 AM, SpookyOne said:

Is it just me or are they getting smaller? I have 2 authentic jerseys. One from 2001 and one now from Adidas. The Adidas one I couldn’t even get over my chest protector but the other no problem.

(both are 52’s)

Pretty sure jerseys have gotten slimmer as materials have advanced, they are stretchier now.

You could always measure both jerseys to get the definitive answer.


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Funny this came up. My AHL Rockets goalie cut seems like it shrunk after washing it. Is this possible? This never happened to any other of my jerseys. My XL Bauer 2S c/a gives me the worst trouble when I try to slip on the jersey. Arm blocks won't stay straight or square 😒

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