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Insole suggestions or new skates?

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I've finally ditched my X900's as I could never get away from ankle discomfort, I set up a pair of cowling-less graf's last year and have started wearing them. Unfortunately my feet are killing me even after 6-7 skates. I've baked them once so far. 


Can anyone suggest a set of insoles that would help? I have fairly wide/large feet (size 11 wide skates), not sure if that makes a difference.

I've also been looking around at some of the newer models, does anyone with wide hooves like me have experience with the TF7/9's from True or the Bauer Konect line? 

I loved my 7500's and had no issues so that's why I went back to graf, but wondering if I should be considering something else.  

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I know a lot of people have had success with the Superfeet insoles. 

I didn't have that success, I still use the baseline CCM Tacks one with D3O (why is the even included?). I have a very high instep and, theoretically, the superfeet should be ideal to accommodate. I found it cumbersome and uncomfortable for whatever reason. 

Worth a shot to try at least. Many people rave about them, so my experience seems to be the outlier. 


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Superfeet nor the Bauer speedplates worked for me. But I do love the Graf Sidas one like I've said in the past, I don't mind the Genetix ones either but I have heard that TF lines are not good for those with Wide feet.

If I still had issues and the means, I would look at something like a custom insole like https://www.lakecycling.com/products/custom-insole or go full ortho from a foot doc.

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If you have twisted and/or ankle + low/high arch the first thing I would do is go to running shoe shop and scan your feet. Maybe they can help you to find the right insoles. After that you can maybe buy new skates if you still need one.  Skate scanners just tell you a correct size etc, those scanners don't tell whats wrong with your feet. Basically same thing with custom skates, if you have a problem foot they make a skate for problem foot but don't solve the real problem. You might have skates wich don't hurt but your feet are still twisted.

Screenshot 2023-12-09 11.58.44.png

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