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TRUE 1pc Goal Skate


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Ok guys we have a few 2pc reviews but there’s only one 1pc review that I’ve found on the web so I decided to inform you guys the best I can on my personal experience.

So little bit of a background here I’ve been playing for about 15yrs and the skates these replaced were CCM U Pro goaler, they have zero composite material a lot of flex and molded very well to the foot, now there’s a reason why I never replaced them until this TRUE movement and that’s due to a foot injury in 08 that I’ll provide pictures of to help explain a situation I encountered with my TRUE.

Now before I begin I didn’t order 1pc skates due to cost reasons but I wanted them, I ordered 2pc the shop screwed up and ordered 1pc and never made me pay the difference so I got extremely lucky guess that’s the benefit of being the 4th scan and the 1st goalie done at this shop.

Lets begin


Well as we all know by now skater after skater say these are the best fitting skates they’ve ever had on their feet and I have to fully agree, as soon as I placed them on from out of the oven I knew right then and there these skates are 2nd to none for a reason. I was amazed at how moldable these skates were and even more amazed at how stiff they get once cool. I compared these to the 1X I returned for them and it’s no comparison period. I have weird feet skinny heels wide forfeet and bony ankles all of which show in the boot

It’s tough to show in photos but you can see it. As I was skating last night 5/18/18 I felt a slight hot spot on my left inside foot and ankle which wasn’t a surprise due to my foot injury from 08

I decided using my convection oven to do the tissue technique shown on TRUEs YouTube channel by Scott himself to relieve these spots which amazingly worked well it just shows how good these skates mold I also used it for the inside ankle on my right skate to just for added comfort 1C04F5D8-BE23-4180-BF74-D3D34650E980.thumb.jpeg.0a79aecd6b02c2d90bd8ca875b544051.jpeg

I also did the eyelet cuff with a heat gun to make it easier to get my feet in and out they mold so well that the eyelets tend to pull inward it was a very easy straight forward process to fix the eyelet issue and after I did the tissue process and the eyelet process they feel like slippers 


I’ve read countless times why did you go with the 2pc and not 1pc and the answer is always the same well because if I took a shot and they break I’m out an entire skate not just a holder and I bought into that hence another reason why I ordered 2pc against my hearts desire well since I ended up with the 1pc and actually feeling them over I’m very confident durability will not be an issue, especially after talking with a pro rep who does not get any kick backs if we buy TRUE skates or not, he stated all the guys in the 1pc haven’t had any issues with the durability and have made it well over a season before replacing with new skates. 

These things are built very well and very very stiff through out the entire boot I’m sure the 2pc have the same stiff feeling through out, this is very inviting to me especially since for the last 8yrs or so I’ve been playing with next to no ankle support so I welcome how stiff the boot is.79F59DDB-1908-470F-B7CF-6D4F35BFBBEA.thumb.jpeg.3c8aefb34488bdcdea86139414ee24f0.jpeg


now we don’t typically get to see the bottom of these skates on the 2pc version due to the holder but with the 1pc the bottom is molded very nicely I into the holder that is very rigid and the transition is very nice

I can honestly say the craftsmanship in these are 2nd to none I’m very pleased with the overall build quality, I’ve read on some guys there’s been messy glue left over and etc but my pair are flawless throughout and I’m extremely happy with this product.C80ACEE0-CA50-4E72-AC71-62DF9AFFB466.thumb.jpeg.d86812fb9a1bdab1286e6fbfc95aa419.jpeg

The thickness of the holder is pretty thick again I have zero reason to believe that a beer league shot is going to hurt these skates especially knowing the NHL guys don’t have half a dozen sitting on a shelf to rely on so hey if theyre good enough for them they’re even better for me.


Here is where these things truly (no puns intended) separate themselves from all other skates, you cannot imagine the amount of energy you’re losing in other skates until you use the 1pc. I knew as soon as I stepped on the ice and took a few strides my game was going to change forever.

I had them sharpened at 1/2” with the SAM profile which is a fantastic profile if you’re a very mobile goalie I highly recommend trying it but anyways the zero amount of give makes 1/2” feel like 1/4” and will take a few more skates to determine if I need to step back to 3/4” or more.

I stretched real quick and started skating around to get used to the feel, I honestly can’t describe it it’s like your foot is the steel every little movement is a reaction to the ice and movement takes way less effort my t pushes were faster my c cuts were snappier and my lateral pushes took no effort and they were faster and longer. Shuffling is a bit tough but I’ll adjust over a few skates while learning to adapt.

I didn’t go to a free skate or anything I jumped right into a game and used warm ups to try and figure them out and  wow I just felt so much faster in the crease even planting to play the puck I got more snap out of my stick again you truly do not understand how much standard skates are robbing your energy until you wear these things. I also felt the attack angle on these things were far better than any goalie skate with a cowling and even would say they’d compete with Bauer on the attack angle Bauer might put edge them a bit but not enough that id notice in game and the fact of how strong pushes are now I don’t care about a little bit more attack angle 


I cannot be any happier and after dialing out the small little pressure points that I do not blame TRUE for I’m extremly confident these things will push me to my last days in net and will be the last goalie skate I buy, I highly advise if you have the cash and are considering the 1pc pull the trigger is all I can say, the performance with the fit is 2nd to none and I’ll even go out on a limb and say they probably perform better than the 2pc it’s a bold statement but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true, so feel free to ask any questions or if you’d like to see more picture I’ll gladly help thanks for reading and I hope this helps 

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Don't worry about the pressure points, they loosen out pretty quickly. The skates are like rocks brand new (the 1pc is probably even stiffer), but they do loosen up a bit. 

Do you feel the added weight of the 1pc boot and is it a bit of a hinderance? I was tempted to go 1pc but I was scared about the weight and inability to use my Tydan blades.

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53 minutes ago, Aquilzz said:

Don't worry about the pressure points, they loosen out pretty quickly. The skates are like rocks brand new (the 1pc is probably even stiffer), but they do loosen up a bit. 

Do you feel the added weight of the 1pc boot and is it a bit of a hinderance? I was tempted to go 1pc but I was scared about the weight and inability to use my Tydan blades.

These replaced 11yr old skates so they’re actually lighter and with the fit it doesn’t matter anyways due to how well they react with your movements. They’re pretty stiff even if you listen to the pros their blades squeak the blade takes all the friction and force since there is zero give in the boot, I think I’ll try at 1/2 a few more skates but think I’ll end up at 3/4

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So little update for everyone, I decided to stick it out at the 1/2” cut and I’m staying with that. I took a heat gun to the eyelets to really work the cuff open to allow my feet to slide in and out easier which worked very well. I also messed around with the tongue as I just left it how they came out of the box so I tried them all the way down resting on the top of my toes and when laced up they applied a lot of soft down pressure on my toes and drastically increased comfort and control. I also still use skate socks like play socks and I tuck them under the back of the heel and the socks wouldn’t stay due to the smooth carbon fiber so i added 3 Velcro self adhesive tabs to the heel to hold the socks in place. I’ve now had 5 skates and got these skates right where I want them and these things are the best piece of gear I’ve ever bought I extremely recommend them 

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