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Bauer ProSharp

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Bauer looks to be coming out with their own at-home sharpener to compete with the Sparx.  I’ve been contemplating picking up a Sparx but will certainly hold off to see what Bauer is coming out with.  

Anyone have any info on this?

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It sure looks like Bauer is trying to run Sparx out of business with a copy-cat product (and no doubt predatory pricing and/or inventory policies). 

Let’s hope instead they are offering something uniquely different/better. 

The guy who invented Sparx is an old teammate who had a great idea and took a lot of risk to create a great product and a growing business. His heart, and that of his colleagues, is really in the right place. It would be awful if they get run off by a corporate monster. 

I look at  all the great independent hockey companies (and innovative people and products) lost over the last decade and it doesn’t look good. 

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