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Vaughn X Maltese (Monster) knee pad collab


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I've always been more comfortable with a bit of extra knee padding, doesn't matter what knee pads I use. Before I got the Bauer padded base layer, I had volleyball knee pads I would stick inside my goal knee pads. 

When the padding started coming off my Bauer base layer, I was thinking of a way to add some extra padding without being dependent on what kind of base layer I was using. I had my eyes on the Maltese landing flaps on my Monster Fazio spec knee blocks once I knew I was moving on from my 1S set. 

One $3 strip of sew on velcro and some electrical tape later, I have these. Pretty simple and should be able to transfer between any knee pad with similar attachments for the actual knee cradle. Tape is to prevent wear from the velcro on the elastic. I had used this set up 3 times without anything securing the padding and it felt great but would have slipped partly out the bottom of the cradle by the end of the game. Hoping this holds up well. 




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