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Review: Brian's Senior Pro Knee Guards

Adam Cooper

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Attached is my YouTube video review link regarding my thoughts on the Brian's Senior Pro Knee Guards that came with my set of Brian's Optik Pads.  Please note, I only used them twice on the ice and gave up.  People may think that's not a fair review but I have to say that sometimes in life you only get once chance and first impressions on gear are key.  They are not as good as my Senior Warrior Ritual X Knee Guards.  The Brian's knee guards moved around a lot under my socks for the first skate.  The second game I put them over my socks and used the Velcro attachment strap to the pads and they worked very well and stayed in place with no tape. 

Personally, I'm just not a fan of having my knee guards attached to my pads and having them over my socks.  Finally, the protection and comfort for landing are just not as good as other knee guards in the market.  I'm paranoid about my knees whether taking shots to them or just protecting them from the pounding they take in butterfly so I want to ensure I have knee guards that are really comfortable.  At this stage I plan on upgrading to either the Warrior Pro Ritual X or the Bauer Vapor 1X.

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