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So I scored a goal tonight!!!


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My adult men's team was up 2-0 with around 1:30 left in the third when they pulled the goalie. Soon after they dumped the puck in right at me, I stopped it at top of my crease and took a shot. Perfect shot. Could try 1000 times and it wouldn't be that perfect. Got it high and hard over the forwards heads to land around far blueline. Their D were far enough to the sides that they couldn't reach it. Puck went in dead centre. 

My first ever goal. And a shut out to boot! 

Stick used: Warrior CR1. Normal shooting grip, not the new Turco style all the kids use!

Very cool to score. I can't imagine ever scoring again. The chances are few and far between. And then to have the perfect shot to actually score... I'm shocked. 😎

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10 hours ago, seagoal said:

Wow, what a night for you.  That's awesome. 

Congratulations and hats off for you.  

I hope you kept the puck :)

Yes got the puck. 

Also rink has cameras so I asked them to see if I can get the video and how it came out. I'll post it if I get it. 

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