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Trade Deadline


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Looks like the Stars are going after Flower

I'm a Flyers fan and I had the same thought. Get rid of one of their goalies... like Mason for anything. Bring back Nuvy for 1-2 years. Move up Stolarz and then put Hart or the Swedish kid in Lehigh with Lyons 


Between Stolarz, Hart, Lyons, of the Swede... they're bound to have an All Star goalie in that mix 

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21 minutes ago, Fullright said:

They are respectable but neither will get hot enough and stay that way long enough. That's a ton of cap space the organization has with them...I think it is $5 mil each.

I totally agree, they didn't need both of those goalies. I just don't see why that organization would go after another goalie. Their issue is they need to shed one of their contracts to help their team but what team would take one of them?



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