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2S Pro Stick vs. 2X Pro Stick


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With the recent passing of one of my pro stock NXGs (lasted ~6 months w/ 3 skates a week) I'm down to two NXGs and one 2S Pro. The NXGs as I said are a pro stock w/ a paddle height of 27.5" (actual measure is just north of that at 27.75") and the 2S Pro is a 25" (actual measure 27.125") so a slight variation between the two. Purely for messing around I started using the 2S Pro again and while the NXG is great... the 2S Pro is so damn light I find myself being FAR more active with my stick (and maybe that 5/8" of length makes it feel more maneuverable)... and now has me planning for when the next NXG moves on to that receptacle accustomed to seeing tape balls and spit cups.

Both are P31 pattern now... which is fine... but I do find significantly more wear at the heal of the stick than anywhere else and has led me to wondering if a lower lie might get that spread over more of the blade. That said... Bauer is only offering a lower lie on the 2X Pro (P20 pattern.) While I need work on my puck handling (to put in mildly)... my focus is stopping shots here... so I'm less concerned about the blade curve and more concerned about making sure I keep more blade on the ice.

  1. Anyone out there who can speak to their experience using 2S Pro vs. 2X Pro in general?
    • Weight
    • Feel (Balance)
  2. Anyone use the P20 pattern and can elaborate on it?

For those who don't want to click 50 times.. I've grabbed all of the Blade Pattern options available for both lines on Bauer's site...

2S Pro P31 2S Pro P34

2X Pro P30 2X Pro P31

2X Pro P20  2X Pro P34

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