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On 12/17/2023 at 1:21 AM, A.YOUNGoalie13 said:

Had to show @ThatCarGuy what a butterfly looks since his coach apparently thinks he is a standup goalie lol. Also trying to prove to @seagoal that I don’t just look like a really goalie, but thats still up to the eye of the beholder

FullSizeRender.MOV 13.94 MB · 5 downloads  


Looked like Trav out there with all the flopping around. 

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Posted (edited)

So I played in a mens league as a joke last summer with some buddies and by the end of it, I had played more games as a skater than as a goalie. This summer, some of my old teammates that spent time in the NAHL, NCDC and USHL asked me to play in another "mens league", 25 and under division with players all around that same skill level. Obviously I my talents would not allow me to leave the net this time around. 

Holy shit, I do not understand how or why any of you on here want to be goalies! Or anymore anyway. I'm good for 8-14 2 on 0s a night, and throw a few 3 on 0s in there too. It's fun to make some big saves here and there but Jesus Christ the competitor in me asks what I'm doing lol. I mostly kid, its a ton of fun overall because I mostly just mess around and try out different things, but I'm sure I'm creating nearly as many bad habits as I'm breaking with my goalie coach every week! 

While I probably never show it, the respect I have for you mens league guys is through the roof. The fact you guys willingly play this type of hockey is crazy to me, and once my competitive days are behind me I will absolutly switch to scoring a hat trick per game, but its awesome that you guys love the game and position enough to put up with this stuff every game because I definitely could not, especially if this was my regular season!

Here are some of my super saves due to terrible defense and me giving up on the idea of good technique or mechanics😂


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