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So I use a boot strap and Brian's Smart Straps,  when I bought my pads the salesman said a lot of people don't use boot straps and I was wondering if i should remove it and just use the Smart Strap? cause its not tight either it's about the sixth hole, so should I keep it or not? Because before I had it on tight. 

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In principle, as @seagoal has emphatically argued many times, having both defeats the purpose of smart straps or any kind of bungee toe tie. I personally agree, but the bottom line is comfort, which is equal parts physical and psychological.
For me, I took off the Smart Straps, put on my Pro Laces Armour, ditched the boot strap and never looked back. Now to be fair, I’ve only been playing for almost 2 years, so I didn’t have years of  boot strap habit to undo, but it totally works for me - and also means less time with the on-and-off routine!
Out of curiosity, what pads do you have? You said you have the Smart Strap, but was this an addition you made? The modern pads will work very well without bootstraps, but maybe some older ones wouldn’t...?

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