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Ultrasonic break angle


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Forgive me if I am just paranoid but my old eflex 4 broke in improperly so I had constant problems with it. I just got my ultrasonic set last week and have been breaking it in on the couch ever since. The break angle isn't the finger to thumb angle I was expecting but instead feels more like finger to palm. I am just concerned that I am breaking it in wrong again. I have attached pictures to kind of show the break angle. The fact the two sides of the glove dont meet up seems strange to me.

I ended up fixing my eflex glove by tying it closed with a stick shaft in the crease, is this a good idea with an ultrasonic glove?

Any help is appreciated thanks



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21 hours ago, ThatCarGuy said:

I thought the vapor was a 60 degree (590) while supreme was a 75 degree (I declare thee 585)

Same. One big difference I noticed between the gloves is that you can really wrap your palm around the catch pocket in an UltraSonic glove. It felt like a Brian’s glove. 

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