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Bauer Total One NXG


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This is something I always look for, a project glove that is "broken" and used for it's whole life. "There's nothing to do with it anymore". 10 euros.

Yes there are some issues and yes the glove has seen a lot of hockey. But it really isn't even bad.




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It wasn't really closing at all with one hand and could barely close it with helping the closure with my right hand. So certainly something was wrong there. From my previous Bauer Total One glove experince I had some vision of what would it be and lookign to the boot of the T...


A lot of "extra" material on the palm. And the felt layer inside was rolled almost doubled right at the break. So no wonder at all that closure wasn't working.

Jumping a bit over to the thumb plastic reveals more, the break edge is curled a lot as it should be pretty much straight. This is either an effect from the felt and inside fabrics getting stacked or the other way around, this making the fabrics to stack. The plastic itself was cracked from few spots and in my opinion shaped really odd so I'll be making a new one anyway.


On the heel of the break one of the three(!) loop straps was cut away and repaired with speedy sticher and some leather strap. Only problem is that it was sewn right through all the layers and thus locking down the break area too. The repair is already removed but the holes still remain and next to them is the remains of the original strap stiching.

Would've been super easy to open the edge lacing and then do the stiching only through the top layer. Or even use the edge lace to hold the new strap/buckle.


Then opening the inner lace going around the palm, this area was problematic with my Total One glove and some problem is found in here too. Before:


And after the lace is off. There is almost 20mm of fabric just rolled and stacked on the break line. Soft material for sure but all this accounts to the poor closure anyways. Somewhat same was found in the Total One too. Not identical though so some design differentials are there. Will be interesting when I get to the rebuild phase. How I can manage all these issues without having to rethink the whole structure.


One more of what I found out during the dismantle, I didn't even notice before that there was a very deep and sharp cut at edge and that went through several layers only stopping at the carbon reinforcement. Someone had really stepped over the glove.


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The cut on the palm. That and the edge being worn out because of some edge curling are the worst findings on the glove.


And as these are pretty normal and easy to fix then here we go. Fixing that cut took a few seconds, should I go for something fancy or just a piece of jenpro to cover it. Yes.


Then I wanted to add some mobility to wrist strap and in the same process redesing it a bit to make it easier to put back together.

It was like this with the nylon strap having to go around the attach spot of the padding part. And after that the nylon went inside the edge lacing to hold it secure.

First I thought to sew the nylon to go under the padding to get them aligned and nice.


It's sewn in to the padding anyway, but then I realised that I could give some mobility and adjustability here with sewing the padding part to the edge of the flap that covers the edge lacing. And within same process I'll get the nylon to go in straight line around the wrist. Now I have multiple choices of how I lace the strap and the flap in. Still thinking about this in theory level and the practical part of it is later on.


More of that theory of how things work: the break area. This is how the original plastic sheet aligned on the felt. Notice the heel area specially. Also there's a wide area without plastic sheet on palm by the break. With only felt there will definitely be stingers.


And the same alignment with the outer layer. The plastic is very much over the break line and the wrinkles formed there over time. A black dot on the plastic is marking one hole on the jenpro and the lace was run around the edge of the plastic. There are also few holes behind the plastic in the heel area. Just makes me wonder how this could ever work really well?


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I have heard a few say that JRZ does not know how to build a glove when it came to the Bauer stuff. Many JRZ-built gloves in the wild going back to the Itech days suggests otherwise, but this brings me right back to the first thing someone told me when I first got into goaltending: don’t buy a JRZ-built glove.

The materials aren’t suspect, but is it that their assembly method allows things like felt bunch ups and such to blame?

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  • 2 weeks later...

A little bit of T work. While it wasn't even broken actually, the gloves perimeter length was only 110cm and get the full use of the regulations I decided it's easiest to achieve by adding a few cm here. Also notice the interesting shape of the spines...


Open up the edge and top part to see what is in there. 3mm thick artificial leather sheet sewn together with 3mm plastic. Really wide break area in the middle. 


More open and the whole structure is there. The left plastic is nicely cut and the gap between looks as if it was done already in the factory. Never seen that before. On the other side the plastic is almost cut through.


The spine plastics are broken in a few spots but the structure is really difficult to fix without a sewing machine that can go through few jenpro and 2mm plastic sheet so I just had to leave it as it is. It still holds up the shape good enough so it only looks worn out but functions nicely.

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Then some plastic cutting and heat molding. Succeeded pretty well except for the heel cup that is really difficult to make with out exact mold to shape it to the plastic. Once again major difference in the break line shape.


The felt part is pretty well aligned to the jenpro on the palm except for the holes for the lace. The new spots are marked with black dots. This might make a big difference in the felt getting bunch up or not.


While the felt did feel pretty thick or atleast airy I thought that a pro glove needs to have pro palm. 4mm md foam added. And this is how it should fit to the padding under thumb and wrist area.


Then a small effort to give some more life for the plastic in the finger side edge. Sewing and extra line and also melted the carbon a bit and compressed it together a bit.


Same spot from backside shows the damage to the plastic and how it's been broken at the sewing.


And finally the glove is going to be a real catcher once again, hopefully. Here it is just put together with some random lace to test the new plastics and holes made and how the added padding fits in. Some parts need some fixing but it is working ok'ish already.


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After the mentioned fixing parts which meant cutting about 5mm of plastic away from the break line and adding two more holes for the lace at the heel were good to test again and this time with the T. Setting it so that the perimeter length is about 114cm the pocket seems really nicely sized. Then some plastics again for the lip to make it close nice and tight. And straight on with no 580 imitations... (that look could be achieved easily with proper plastics inside the T lip)


Interesting mod had been done to this glove already, the T spines were cut separate and moved wider out by two holes. I made the same mod earlier to my V6 2000 glove where it worked really nice. I don't really know but I think this glove feature was modded and not factory made. (noticed that where bought this one there is a few similar Bauer gloves now that seem to have the same mod done, these are "pro return" gloves from Finnish Liiga team I think) 


Then I was to add the cuff part and was trying it on to get a feeling of it. Earlier I moved the strap from the lacing to the flap attached on the cuff. Now I removed the flap stiching and sewd it as close to the lacing as I could without covering the lace holes. Now I have the free mobility for the wrist. Even more could've been available but that would've needed some heavier modification and I'm pretty happy with this.


And then it was time to get it together to see if there was still something bugging.



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Smooth closure and the glove feels ready to go so just a few things left to do. 4mm lace for the pocket and the backhand protection.

The jenpro I use seems a lot brighter in pictures but IRL it is really close to the original Bauer jenpro in color. Seeing it against the sun light Bauer material looks white while the jenpro I use looks greyish. Hopefully it'll blend in better with some use and puck marks.


The mid lane wants to close but there is enough lace for it to open up to 40mm wide.

Soft and stretchy lacing to kill the puck entering in. Atleast with tennis ball it seems to do the trick pretty well.


Next up might be the Bauer Total One set from former Pro Riku Helenius.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Got to play with this one a week ago and if it wasn't a real pleasure then again it was nothing short of convenient.

The glove is a bit stiff but with a few uses and wrapping it closed a few times and pin it open in the between might do the trick to make it soft enough.

Other than that the glove felt just as good as it should. Easy to catch pucks and nice feel in it when the puck hits the pocket. And very decent feel of a puck hitting in the palm area.

I'll hold this for a few more tryouts but after that this one might go to someone elses possession.

That's it and then one picture of what is coming compared to what is already done.


Top left is the NXG, top right is the other Total One and black one is the to be refurbished.

You can easily compare them and notice that the NXG is in different angle, thumb side is shorter and the closure is index to thumb. The Total Ones have a bit more 590ish style closure and longer thumb side. 

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A few pictures to start with, I'll just continue this topic while this glove isn't NXG but Total One. Maybe later on (or if any mod will) this part will be moved to under it's own topic.

Pro returns sort of and after the Pro use these have been used by a young Finnish goalie so there is a lot of wear and some tear too. You can easily find things from these pictures. Takes some time to do but nothing really bad or hard to accomplish.



And one of the catcher itself, the blocker will follow later on. I really like the color scheme Black base with white accents. Would be lovely if it was stiched with white thread. I already gave it a short thought but after a little thinking I decided not to. These look good even without.

Some things to note from the start. Reinforced T means double the 3mm plastic and that's it. I don't remember the price for this option but seems to me that it's not worth it anyways. The T is folding in now that the plastic have been "broken" in. And still the closure is really stiff but easies a lot with just pressing the T's break together. And opening the glove to wide open with only one hand is desperate.

"Alivecomposite" on the cuff. The only composite part I could find from the glove is the edge on the finger side. It's not like the Curv material is but more like the one that Vaughn uses as Pro Carbon. This is the only glove I've seen this name on. The white-blue Total One had the same emblem but it was already so worn out that I couldn't see any clear text on it.

First glove with such a heavy history of use and not a single stiching is worn out. Only Jenpro damages are the T and the edge on the finger side. Pretty amazing.


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Skip the dismantling and washing part that was the same old, really dark brown water and a nice clean soft and scentless end result.

Then the findings. Felt was just like the NXG but a little better as was the closure. Still some bunching was there. Propably the holes are lined somewhat off and so on...


The T; three pictures.







The second reinforcing layer of plastic was added after the normal production and that needs some more space inside. The Jenpro slice is propably a little bigger and the stiching of the removed jenpro was different than all of the others on the glove.

Fingerside plastics are readily cut from the factory here as well as was on the NXG and the thumb side has only bent yet.

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The edge on the fingerside got a little piece from T to the inside to reinforce things and take rubbing of the edge of the plastic.


The outside came out really nice in my opinion one of the best I've managed so far. The jenpro to this also came from the T so only original jenpro from the glove used here. As it would matter at all but just to mention.


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Only a little progress with this one for now as I've had some other projects to make.

The T is following the already tried and proofed route of little extension and new main piece to fix all the worn areas. Pretty simple to do now that I've learned it.

Here's one picture of it halfway done. The "custom" sewing can be seen in this picture too, the length of a sew step (correct term?) is about 6mm on the lip where as the other sewing is done with 4mm stepping. And that is what my machine can do and is mostly used.


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Got the plastic done and then to the most exiting phase, getting the glove back together. How do things work out and how big of a pocket will it be. 

Only the base lace is new and final one yet, all the others are just to mock up the thing and see if everything is as they should be. The boot of the T isn't actually even looking like offset from this view. This is close to the final size of the glove and perimeter length will be about 114cm. Once again the pocket is gaining few centimeters of extra lip and a lot of extra covering area. Not very far from finish line now!


The two pictures from the Keeps33 method topic, showing how loose the boot can be if needed to be soft and flexible.


And moving the knots just one hole to the fingerside it releases the break line to operate smooth and naturally just as it should be. It really is the smallest details that can either make or spoil the whole glove.


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So coming from the previous post and added some parts and lace we have a glove without a pocket. Pocket has grown a lot of size but still the perimeter is only just over 113cm. It is big enough to keep the T rigid even without double plastics inside.


And then I reused the black skate laces that were still almost like new and propably were installed by the previous owner. They are waxed type I think and I made this pocket as open as possible with pretty tight lacing.


It is pretty soft and comfortable to use and the usual tennisball catching is really easy task. Before the first on ice test it feels really nice addition to the collection. The blocker is still under work but soon I'll have a nice matching pair of gloves. The cuff plate looks odd but I didn't glue the materials together as they were originally and now there isn't anything holding the jenpro against the plate. If it turns out looking bad after some settling in I'll add a lace in the bend to hold it together.



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  • 4 weeks later...

Alright it's time for a semi-final update for this project.

So the blocker was remaining and there was some stiching to be renewed and the plate was broken. After dismantling and closer evaluation the palm needed to be replaced and the plate was destroyed and needed a replacement too.

Plate part doesn't really include anything fancy, original was polystyrene foam - HD plasticfoam - plastic plate. The shape in the top part is so awkward that I just took the plate from my older project One.9 and fitted it in. The blockers aren't identical but there are some minimal size changes which gave an extra job to do.

The palm was easy to decide and make a Warrior swap, that goes easily for this type of blocker that open on the long side for full length. The thumb area doesn't show but there's a tab of hook side of the velcro and the original jenpro that was sewn to the thumb of the palm remade to hold the Warriors thumb attachment. Picture of it later.


I also modified the fingerprotections somewhat but that didn't work out as good as I would've hoped for. When I get these to the icetesting it'll reveal if I have to try and make some changes. Index finger protection is pretty basic with added length and it work well. Same construction on my One.9 blocker.


And some washing and cleaning. There was some glued-on ads at some point in the history and now there is only the glue left. Don't use any glue on any gear unless really have to.


All of the "Bauer" prints literally fell of with warm water washing and some rubbing.


I'm looking forward to get my pads back from Varusteverstas (Kova manufacturer) and then I'm going to have an Allblackday on ice. The catcher feels so great every time I try it on that I'm exited on waiting to get out there... 

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