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What is a Good Entry-Level Senior Butterfly Pad?


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3 hours ago, ilyazhito said:

Cool. I've also been looking at deals on Premier II and even Axis pads on Sideline Swap for both 33 and 34-inch pads. If I'm a 34, I'll be covered. If I'm a 33, I'll get the pads and gloves from Adam. I'll go down to the pro shop and find out. 

I used both, and do prefer the Premier 2, mainly the seal, it's a mixture of soft to stiff pad and kicks those rebounds well.  For the Axis you will need to go a size down.

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1 hour ago, ilyazhito said:

That's good to know. I'm somewhat in between sizes (5'11, 17 inch ATK, 20 inch FTK). 

My FTK is the same 20" if I keep my shin upright, just FYI.  The 33" X28s fit me great, although I would have preferred a taller thigh rise.  My V9s are 33s as well.  

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