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Mask Paint Job Review


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I had my mask painted a few months ago by Tony Jarrett at MaskedExpressions and thought I'd give a quick review here.


-Very quick e-mail response, usually within a few hours, never more than a day.

-Price/Quality: cost about $400 USD, for a quality artist, that's hard to beat


-Not really any communication during the painting process. I was kind of expecting to see some pics during the process, or some questions, but once I gave him the design and paid, it was pretty much silence until it was done.


-He made a couple of small mistakes (misspelling, wrong color on one part). I only saw it when he sent me pics of the finished product. He did go back and fix the mistakes, but I think if there would have been more interaction during the painting process, it could have maybe been caught/fixed earlier.

-Wait time was a couple of weeks, which was reasonable


Overall, it's the second mask I ever had painted, and I'm happy. I'd definitely recommend Tony to anyone. I only would like to see him be a little more interactive during the painting process in the future. But for the price/quality, he's really hard to beat. The only other guy who quoted me a similar price, and does similar quality, is the guy at Detroit Air. The decision who to go with was pretty much a toss-up. Maybe next time I'll go with Detroit Air just to see.


I had a certain idea in mind, and I'm wondering if it comes across. Tell me what's the first thing that came to your mind when you saw it. Even if it's negative, I won't be offended, I'm not a Millennial snowflake :)


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4 hours ago, estogoalie said:

Argh, took a shot to the head and it chipped today :( how do I prevent it from chipping further? Put clear nail Polish on it?


You could wrap the top of the cage with a clear thin hose too. Bauer’s wire wrap helps reduce chips and would be pretty easy to replicate 

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No clear product description from Bauer, but basically it’s some impact absorption, vibration dampening, and keeps the cage from hitting your paint on impact. 

Warwick and some other companies have copied this. This would be super easy to duplicate with clear plastic tubeing from the hardware store 

if I ever get my ? mask and get a paint job, I will rig this up. 


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10 hours ago, estogoalie said:

My cage sites extremely close on my mask (look at the pic where it was chipped). I don't think there is any room for a plastic tube or anything. But it's a good idea I guess. I have to find some very thin tube maybe.

It might compress when you actually screw it on 

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