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I'm well versed in the art of MSPaint.

I charge per hour at a rate of $45.

Minimum charge is 8 hours worth of work, regardless of how much work I usually do.

Here are the testimonials of people i've worked with:


@TheGoalNet "Best damn MSPaint user ever, well worth the money. Also, the best user on my site!"


@bunnyman666 "he puts my art to shame, this man is truly a genius"


@SaveByRichter35 "He told me that my love of all things Rangers was dumb and the @stackem30 and his love for NJ is the way of light. And by golly! He was right. I have no denounced the Rangers and am now a Devils fan! Also his work is top notch"


@BadAngle41 "The nickname "Elitist" is exactly how I'd describe @coopaloop1234. While he's expensive and snobby, his work speaks for itself and has made me a happier man"

These are only a fraction of the amazing testimonials I have stored away.

So if you want quality, hire me.


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