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My homemade ball hockey pads


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Here’s some pictures of my latest homemade ball hockey pads. The all black set were inspired by G3s and Optiks. They are ballistic and 420D nylon. Used a combination of HD and LD Eva foam for the core. Kept them simple as I wanted them to be light, they are 3.5 lbs. I use hook velcro to make them slide on hardwood and have uhmw sliders that Velcro on for other surfaces. I have a sail loft in my house with a couple industrial sewing machines so it’s not that hard to make them however l just do it for fun.





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These are really cool!

I play ball hockey as well, but on rink floors (polished concrete.)

Do you recommend using hook velcro for sliding on there too, or something else? Now that summer leagues have started, I'm getting way too much friction on my pads.


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22 hours ago, Ross said:

I haven’t played on polished concrete so I can’t say for sure but I think the hook Velcro would work. It’s easy to apply and relatively cheap compared to slide plates.

Thanks, I'll give it a try. Less bulk and more subtle than felt pads or something.

There were one or two guys I saw over the winter using slide plates, but they aren't sanctioned for the time being, so I can't use anything like that in my league. And, yeah, they can be big $$$

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For floor hockey yes I’m still using my own goalie pads.

I just installed a set of Kenesky Speed Sliders on them. I’ve only used them once with the speed sliders but they seem to slide better than the hook Velcro I was using before. 

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On 3/27/2018 at 6:18 PM, Ross said:

I just make them for myself, don’t want to turn it into work. I do sell off my old sets whenever I make new ones though.

Hi Ross if you are willing to make a pair for me please let me know I’m 56 and looking for an Aeroflex/Smith style box pad

if interested please email me at chabotrodney621@gmail.com thx Ron 

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