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Tight catching glove


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I have a Vaughn 7490. I chose it only because it is not angled up at the thumb.  I recently started playing again and used a john Brown elite. The 7490 is what i found that closely resembled it. 

My problem is I can not keep it tight on my hand. Yes ive tried the wrist strap and my chesty doesnt push on it too much. But as soon as i move i can feel it moving off my hand. Any ideas? Also is there a glove pair there that is designed to be tighter?

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12 hours ago, Aquilzz said:

Try using a baseball batting glove inside your catcher. Snugger, more protective and better grip.

12 hours ago, Glovsav said:

Ty boys....was actually thinking about getting a tacky receiver glove they use in football

I found both baseball and football gloves to be too thick. Here's what I was using in my old glove before I moved to Passau. Nice because they're very thin and well ventilated but also have rubber grip on the inside. They're racquetball gloves. 


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1 hour ago, daffy said:

Can always use on of these.  Medium tps hockey goalie glove designed by Dave Wilcox.  It is for sale. $40 brand new.



You could probably just do that on a cheap baseball glove for a quarter of the price...

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