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  1. man it’s been awhile since I uploaded maybe if enough of you guys watch like and comment I will be able to get rid of my quickly decomposing 1s pads
  2. I’m not reading the entire thread so I’m not sure if this has been said but the two most important things IMO is being consistent with your exercise/workout ( doesn’t matter if you miss one day just get back into it the next day bcs at the end of the day all that’s important is that you are moving), and your diet. Eat like crap you’ll feel like crap. These two things are how I went from an underweight scrawny guy To someone who looks normal. I’m not jacked in anyway or form but I do feel much better than I used to. Physically and mentally.
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy the glove nylon lace in bulk?
  4. Has anyone ordered from here? If so how is the lace? is it the standard for gloves?
  5. Goalieinneed


    Thanks I Just sent an email to paw hockey asking what I need and if I can order it from her
  6. Goalieinneed


    anyone know where and what foams to buy if i want to repairs in my glove?
  7. that sucks. Why don’t you try to take it apart and fix it?
  8. So in my gnetik 2 it’s very obvious how the tips of the fingers are curling inwards. in the gnetik 3 it’s on the upper fingers. On top of that the plastic should be flush to the binding but currently there is a nice gap between them
  9. I recently acquired a Gnetik 3 glove for free from one of my old goalie partners who going over to play D2 in Sweden. it’s fairly new not even broken in yet. The only problem is finger curl. While it’s not a massive curl, I see it becoming a big problem in the future. other than taking apart the glove does anyone know of a way to fix it?
  10. That’s so exciting! There are tons of “beer league” games you just got to get in touch with the guys in charge
  11. This is just a warm up the other footage for corrupted:(
  12. It’s been awhile! I recently just finished editing 3 vids will be posting the links now
  13. So I only really need a glove. I gave away my current glove to one of the younger goalies bcs he needed it and I’m not going to be playing so often. I figured I may as well give him a boost to achieve his dreams of playing on the national team (also bcs gear here is atleast 2.5 times the price).
  14. im looking for an older glove (bcs im on a budget). im ready to sip the kool aid. any color works but id prefer white or white/blue.
  15. Here’s my first recorded beer league/pick up game. It’s hard to try when ur not doing too much the entire game. If you hear loud doots it’s either me singing the wii theme or the jojo theme bcs I was bored. you should hear it at about 5:50 minutes into the vid
  16. This is my tenth vid I’m starting to upload a lot more now especially since the new ice rink in israel has opened for hockey! If anyone has any idea how I can mic myself up that would be great
  17. im looking to buy a new set of helmet foam. i want to buy maltese but i dont know where to find it. i also heard the eco foam was good. can someone help me make a decision?
  18. How would a 26 inch bpm compare to and 26 inch ccm foam core?
  19. how would i do this with a straight bar mask?
  20. that's actually genius. thanks for the idea im 100% going to make one of these
  21. if it was possible to dislike a post on this website i would dislike this post.
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