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Mask chin chip protection and dangler noise reducer trick.


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Hey people,

Thought I'd share a little trick that I learned on the goaliecrease network "back in the days" and that I've search for but haven't seen mentionned anywhere on here.  It's a simple trick to prevent mask chin chips and helps reduce dangler clancking noises while moving your head around, if you're the type of person rocking a dangler.

Car part store sell car door trim that can be afixed to the circumference of your mask.  The stuff can also be found online through Amazon, Aliexpress and the likes for dirt cheap.   Basically it's a U shaped piece of soft plastic with a glue insert.  You cut it to the desired lenght and just push it into place.  You can get it in various colors (black, white, chrome, etc.) if you wish to make it a color accent, or transparent if you don't want to put the focus on it.  I've heard of people doing the whole circumference, I've seen others put just a 2"/3" strip at the very tip of the chin, personaly I like to run it from one elastic strap to the next (kind of ear to ear); I think it provides the maximum amount of protection and makes for a cleaner look since both ends are covered by the elastic straps.

Anyway, just wanted to put it out there.



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