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Finger protection mod for Koho Revolution Pro blocker

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Warning: this mod is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. It is by NO MEANS a pro-looking mod, but will make your blocker look campaigned. This is a usability mod, NOT for looks. 

Have you ever bought a blocker and had a hard time closing your hand around your stick? This rabbit has, and knows full and well that it won’t get any better.

A big portion of blame goes to the poor design of the index finger design, but also to the thumb, as well. If I didn’t like the palm, I probably would have this done by a professional whilst getting it re-palmed. I like the simple Ivory Nash palm this blocker has. When this palm gets tired, I will ask to have the thumb re-worked and fix my handiwork on the index finger protection. Being of TWO ethnicities who pride themselves on saving money, I figure “why not use up this palm first? I can make the finger protection work well enough to grip a stick comfortably and still have redundant index finger protection; it’s not like people are going to zero in on the finger protection and besides- I saved a bit of money!”

You will need a seam ripper, serrated edge knife, 50 grit sand paper, a curved leather needle, sharp scissors, a clothespin, and sail thread. Upcoming posts will show the steps.

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I use a clothespin to fold down the jenpro over the nylon. Since you can’t pin it like cloth, that is how you fold the material to attempt to make it seamless. I also take a triangle out of the material to make folding easier. 




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Sewing can be weird with Jenpro, as it is not crazy about tight stitches. I did both locked stitches and gentle - - - style. This would have been a breeze if I were doing this off of the blocker; I would have also just made a binding and covered it up, as IMO, an area like this could benefit from being bound. 

The very last pic is out of sequence, but I am not switching them around. All is shows is the knot. I then pulled it inside, made a stitch, looped it, knotted it and burnt off the end.

This is a caveman repair, but will most likely last the life of the palm. In all actuality, I probably saved the finger protection from premature wear.  




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The last pix show the easier holding of a stick and the happiness that I will have with an easier time retrieving a dropped stick from a scramble. I tend to drop the stick and fall on the puck, which is very effective strategy for a whistle and possibly drawing a penalty for roughing.



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Post three was supposed to say “shape the foam with knife and sandpaper”. Can’t edit this, and am uncertain what happened there. I took 1/4” off of the foam, following the contour of the foam.

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