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Toe tie experiment


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I am using Pro Laces but I find it a bit constricting on a up/down ankle flexion. Not to mention that my pads might be a size too big.

I decided to make a different make shift setup that would incorporate the elastic of the bungee and lace-up to my skates. Will find out this week if it works. 


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I played this weekend with my setup and I am somewhat torn on the results. On the plus side, I have more ankle freedom while moving around and plenty of torsion flex of the lower leg when in my bfly.

Negatives, there was a little sloppiness in the pad, much more ice contact on the inner toe of the pad and on occasion, the pad rode up on my leg during scrambling which made my knee fall off the knee block now and then. At one point I made a save and was on my butt or side and I got all tangled in my pads and literally couldn't turn over and get up, lollll, felt like a first time might strapping on pads.

Anyways, I might now readjust my knee lock elastic and see how that works. If I don't like the feel, These babies will be on the trading block. Too bad :/

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Well, I'm back with the Pro Laces. It's easier and faster to use, keeps the pad closer to my skate and I don't have the sloppiness the laces gave me. I also adjusted the knee strap which improved my knee position on the landing blocks. I guess the pads need to settle some to fit me to a T.

It's worth the try if anyone is interested.

Keep your eyes on the Used Gear section for the elastics.

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