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Selling all my gear...again


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So, I have made the decision to hang up the goalie gear permanently this time.  I decided to take a few weeks off recently for vacations and doing other things and can't believe how good my knees, back, hips, and ankles feel right now that I've been off the ice a few weeks.  I'm going to miss it terribly, especially when I'm skating out, but it's the best thing.  Anyway, I don't have all the pics together yet, I will over the weekend, but just wanted to give an early rundown in case anyone here is interested before I throw it all on Ebay.  Everything is in pretty good condition. The gloves, chesty, mask and knee guards are in excellent condition.  Pad color scheme is Red/White

Leg pads: Bauer Reactor 9000 Pro Return 34+2.  Strapping is custom: 1 boot, 1 calf, 1 knee w/ velcro calf and knee.  $400

Gloves: Bauer Reactor 7000.  Practically brand new, catcher has a pro palm and the blocker has the 9000 palm.  $200

Chesty: Vaughn V6 2200 Pro Carbon. Sr. Med.  $175  

Mask: Sportmask VX-5 Pro Cat Eye Flat Bar, chin cup.  Sr. Med w/ sham sweatband and dangler.  $450

Pants: Tackla Keeper Pro NYR colors.  Sr. Medium/Large.  Inner thigh blocks removed.  $50

Skates: Bauer Reactor 6000. Sr. 6D, punched out for width.  Can include Super Feet Yellow.  $75

Jerseys:  Columbus Home and Washington Home.  Columbus has the GoalieMonkey logo on front, Wash is blank, no numbers/names.  $25 ea.

Knee Guards:  Bauer Supreme. Sr.  Worn twice, added foam to knee.  $50  



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You gotta do what you gotta do. 

I have been off of the ice for three weeks due to some medical problems. I wish I felt better being off, but I am going stir crazy. Glad you're feeling good. You are always part of the brotherhood as far as I am concerned.

Good luck with your sale.

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