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Confirmed: NHL Season Suspended Due to Coronavirus


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With over a 2 month pause in play, it's going to be tough for players to jump back into it (fans too, LOL). Instead of a pre-season to warm up, it's straight to playoffs. I dunno. I would just say forget it and call the season over, like alot of other leagues have done. But OK, if they think they can salvage something, then yea, I guess why not. Let's see.

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I've had the NHL network playing in the background a lot recently, so this what I've picked up on from their discussions and chats with Elliotte Friedman etc:


- tentative plan in place start the season around the 13th Jan

- camps open 4th Jan for those 'non bubble' teams from last year, 6th Jan for bubble teams 

- AHL starts early Feb, but NHL teams will most likely be extended initially to include a taxi squad like the playoffs 

- divisions realigned for the season to match geographic proximity as close as possible - all Canadian division etc 

- initial bubbles still being considered but plan is to have teams mainly playing in their home arenas so that advertising obligations are met 

- currently no news is good news apparently, as this means reasonably productive discussions are taking place - Bettman and the owners were pissed when the request for CBA rollbacks was made public


Sure theres probably lots more that I'm missing out, but thats the basics roughly 

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There may be some obstructions in place for an All Canadian NHL Division. Travel restrictions are being enforced which would deny teams in the west from travelling east, and vice versa. These are controlled by the Provinces, not a Federal mandate. Stay tuned for further developments..............


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