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Reebok Revoke Appreciation Thread


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On 6/5/2020 at 1:08 PM, AG37 said:

@ZeroGravitas you are correct. These were the Premier style pad in-between the P3 and P4, basically the P3-LE as you stated. I think there may have been a few additional customization options from the P3. You are also correct in the last offering of Canadian-made Custom retail gear.

Some more great looking sets!


The description above is actually not quite correct. The catalog excerpt from the first page explains this well.

Although these are clearly of the Premier DNA and came between P3 and P4... Revoke had a shallower boot, double break for narrow butterfly, and a tighter fit to the leg. They also had a "tribal" style graphic. Sound like anything different than a traditional Premier pad?

This pad was actually more of a precursor to the EFlex. At that point in time, there were a ton of velocity pads or velo style pads selling at retail. CCM/Lefevre keep looking for a silver bullet to appeal to the Velo goalie.

For the pro goalies, it was probably just a different graphic option. Looking at the pics above, maybe only Turco had the double break and something closer to stock?

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I know, first post in a year-old thread. Just wanted to share my own Revoke PZ set among these others. Recently returned from having Tynan @yxegoalierepair update the strapping on the pads, and added a new blocker palm and some new binding on the blocker face and finger pads.



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On 6/6/2020 at 8:49 PM, creasecollector said:

I really liked the Revoke line as well. Wanted a pair back in the day. Gustavsson's simple Blue/White set just did it for me. 


I had this exact set but with a double break lol. That was my one and only attempt to use a 590 glove!!! Man I hated that thing but loved the pads and blocker 


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