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Brand mixing and cage measurements

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Actually this is something I suggested but I can't recall if it was on a previous forum.

Anyway it would be great to have a database of what cages fit what masks. If people have experience swapping cages and masks, please let us know. If you have different masks and the time, try swapping and let us know. BTW: knowing what doesn't work is as valuable as knowing what does. It would be nice to know if you see a cage on sale and could say "yeah that's a great deal and it fits my mask".

I have a personal agenda as I have a Hackva, so would like to know what options I have are. I know Otny sells replacements, but would be nice to have a choice, new or used...

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Thought I'd update things.

I got my hands on a used Wall certified cage for my Reidic. Unfortunately it doesn't fit. Ordered a cat-eye from reopened Reidic themselves, and the thing doesn't fit my mask, an original Reidic mask of the last model change they made (triangular holes). They actually said "maybe the mask shrunk"...???...

Yeah, I'm so "hot headed" that other than the heat remoldable foam, the ABS shell got smaller...not!!!

And so, I got in touch with Les Grilles Ange Gardien on Facebook and sent the mask in for a custom wide mouth cat-eye. Should be back within the next week or so.

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On 4/11/2022 at 12:23 PM, Bmats30 said:

Does anyone know of a cheater cage that will fit a size small Sportmask? Or, a company that would make a custom cage?

Hey, I can't believe nobody answered this one. I completely missed this one. Try Marc at Grilles Anges Gardiens, he's on Facebook. He does a cheater cage and has worked with many brands. Give him a look.

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