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3 minutes ago, TheGoalNet said:

I almost invested in a few times. Buying it is the problem and I got spooked. Unfortunately, it felt I needed access to the black web to buy it.

@IPv6Freely - Can you share anything how you bought and if there was anything weird with it? Keep in mind, you're IT savy and it's wonder I got this site launched!!! 

I use Coinbase both as my broker and as my wallet. Easy to set up, low transaction fees. I just use the phone app. 

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I purchased (M)Iota and had an ROI of 400% within a week span. The cryptocurrencies that are in the market are extremely volatile and suits best for either day trading or buy-and-forget investments. I used Coinbase and Binance as you have to purchase Bitcoin first before converting it into Miota.

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14 hours ago, Fullright said:

E-Trade ( I'm not  associated with the company and not a holder) starts selling Bitcoin futures on Monday FYI.

What is Bitcoin futures?

10 hours ago, estogoalie said:

I think now it's probably too late to get in on it, bubble will probably pop soon. But then, who knows.  It's a crap shoot. That's usually why I avoid this kinda stuff.

Yea I wouldn't bother with Bitcoin at this point.  Its way too far ahead for me.  I am thinking about dabbling in Litecoin to be honest.

9 minutes ago, TheGoalNet said:

Last question, can you buy a partial bitcoin at this point?

Yes I believe so.

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